About CoffeeMomJen

"Social media junkie who thrives on Nutella, celebrity gossip and coffee."

Thanks for stopping by, my name is Jen and I've been married for over 8 years. My hubby Scott and I have two kids and while they drive us crazy at times, we kind of think they’re the best.

Soo you’re probably thinking who is this chick? Well, to be honest, I'm a communications girl by day and a mommy, wife and blogger by night. My Twitter handle @CoffeeMomJen describes me as: a social media junkie who thrives on Nutella, celebrity gossip and coffee. Oh and I'm also Canadian-Italian.

I've had quite a few blogs over the past couple of years however this new adventure, CoffeeMomJen Gets Fit, is where I'll be sharing the ups and downs of my journey to getting fit while shedding some weight in the process. 

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Update: Did you hear that I finally took the plunge and signed up as a Beach Body Coach? Learn more about what I do here: www.beachbodycoach.com/coffeemomjen or visit me here: www.shakeology.com/coffeemomjen 

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