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Currently: November 2016

I love the idea of sharing what’s currently on my mind as a new month starts. I love the start of anything: new month, new week, new day, new season, New Year…to me, it always signifies a chance to make a positive change in my life. 

Whether it be small like making more of an effort to drink more water, or kind of weird (make an effort to take the prescribed fibre supplement twice a day to control my IBS), or kind of big (remember to tell the kids one thing they rocked at each day to help build their confidence – especially for Tyler), I feel like no goal is off limits. Big, small, silly, weird, it doesn’t matter.

So for the month of November, here’s what’s on my mind this month, and what I am looking forward to conquering.

September and October literally flew by. One minute it was summer, and the next both kids were in school and our evenings were filled with swimming lessons, dance lessons, homework, and bedtime routines that seemed to never end. It was a bit rough but I chalk it all up to the kids (and mom and dad) getting used to the new routine. We’re in month three of back-to-school and so far so good. What I am really excited for this month is spending some time with the family and continuing our Sunday afternoons of ice skating (the kids are killing it on the ice this year) and hopefully there will be some laser tag or indoor trampoline park fun in our near future too!

Coming off two totally insanely busy months, I’m truthfully looking forward to a breather this month! But there are also some fun things coming up like a day trip with the girls, and my cousin’s baby girl’s baptism at the end of the month. I’m also looking forward to the start of my Christmas shopping – we like to get it all done early so that we’re not fighting the crowds come December.

I’ve been waiting for this new fitness program to start since July! It’s called Core de Force – have you heard of it? Well it just launched this week and I bought a copy right away…I’m anxiously awaiting the DVDs in the mail. And I’m also most excited to have my hubby join me for this 30 day fitness challenge.

Order Core de Force and You Get Me as Your Personal Fitness Coach for Free

I think I’m finally on board with the smoothie bowl trend. I haven’t tried it yet for myself, but I’ve been obsessed with checking out the #smoothiebowl hashtag on Instagram. My goal this month is to move away from being a lurker, and actually legit trying one for myself!

One of the things I’m really on board with is any kind of personal development. And I also truly believe that anything that makes you look at life in a different light, or makes you want to make a change in your life, or about yourself, is considered personal development. I have my eye on a couple of books (Girl Boss, You Are a Badass) but lately I’ve just been reading a lot about the power of positive thinking, and it’s really let me let go of some negative energy and thoughts I’ve been carrying around for the past little while. Am I shitting rainbows yet? Not quite. But I’m confident I will soon lol.

CURRENTLY: GUILTY PLEASURESMmmm guilty pleasures. Sounds almost dirty and sinful don’t it? Well sorry; this girl’s “guilty pleasures” are pretty PG rated. I am seriously obsessed with the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Orange County. I’ve tried to cut myself off but I. CAN. NOT. I wait for the kids to go to bed, and I binge watch episodes on my DVR. And can I also just say how much I love TiVo?  - This is not a plug for the product; I just really love my TiVo! 

So there you have it, what I'm currently digging as month begins. What's currently on your mind? Share in the comments below.


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