Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Sunday Funday Workout

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

1 HIIT workout + 5 minute stretch + 2 Apps = One energized momma

Have you gotten your workout in today? 

How do you stay heathy and fit on the Weekends?


  1. I like to keep my weekend workouts light, instead of going to the gym I'll do some burpees, pushup, squats etc at home.
    I've been reading your blog posts back to June, how has your progress been? You posted a pinterest photo back then with tips to stay on course for getting fit, one was taking photos of your progress - do you think you will do a photo journal of your progress?

    1. Hi Hannah! My progress has been less than stellar to be honest but I have pictures that I've taken but I haven't felt comfortable to post them but one day I will for sure!