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I Crept My FitBit Stats and This is What I Found

It's day 7 of my 21 Day Fix Extreme journey and while I'm not comfortable sharing any pictures yet, I can tell you that I lost a whopping 0.7 pounds. Not too shabby. Could I have lost more if I followed the meal plan? Ya I probably could. But you know what? I'm making the program work for me, and my lifestyle.

I like doing things in phases. So for me, phase one is getting through 21 straight days of workouts and completing the program. Phase two will be doing a second round, and learning how to find the time to meal prep and follow the food plan. But more on that later. I have to survive these first 21 days first!

I was going somewhere with this post but now I can't remember.....OH YA. OK, I got it.

So this morning I went to log my whopping 0.7 pound weight loss in my FitBit app, and I thought wow, I don't think I've been this heavy in a long time. So I scrolled down-down-down and found my weight log from January 2015. I was 13 pounds lighter than I am right now. 

Wow. I was in total shock when I saw that. 

I knew that I had put on some weight this year with my exercise and gluten-free food ban. I mean I had to buy bigger jeans and even my leggings were peculiarly smaller (hmm did they shrink?). And I joked when I told my husband that I gained 10 pounds in a year. But I never imaged I'd see what I saw this morning on my FitBit app. The truth, staring at me right in the face, was that I didn't gain 10 pounds in a year. 

The truth was, I have gained 13 pounds in 10 months. 


You know, every week I try to find something new to inspire me to be motivated to get into shape. And today, my trusty little FitBit was just what I needed and here's why:
It reminded me that it IS possible to get in shape and lose inches, and weight when I put in the hard work. 
 It solidified that I have no excuses. My life was just as busy 10 months ago as it is right now. If I was able to find time then to work out in the evening, and meal plan, then again, I have no excuses right now. I can do it. 
I realized that 10 months ago, I didn't give myself enough credit. I didn't love myself enough to revel in the goodness of my success. I was two pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant both times. I squashed a goal. But did I see that? No. I was so obsessed with the next ten pounds and it became daunting to lose more weight. To work harder. Make more sacrifices to get to my goal.
Well now, I realize how happy I should have been that I reached that weight and this time, I’ll celebrate every pound I lose. Every pound, even half a pound of weight loss, is something to be proud of. 

If any of  you reading this are having a bad day, or feeling down about your progress, just know that you're not alone, you can do it. We'll do it together.

Happy Friday Friends!



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