Thursday, October 29, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme Update - Week 1 Down

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I'm 6 days into 21 Day Fix Extreme (don't do the math from my last post) and I remember why I like it so much. I'm going to confess, I'm not following the meal plan but I am tracking what I eat with my FitBit app and making sure I stay within my the calorie range 21 Day Fix Extreme recommends. I've also found a meal replacement shake which I'm pretty excited about...but more on that later.

A couple of weeks ago  I declared my goal for that coming week. You can read about it here. And while I didn't exactly dust off my 21 Day Fix Extreme DVD's, I did follow through on my other goals:
  • I made mini goals for the week so that I wouldn't be overwhelmed
  • While I didn't dust off my 21 Day Fix Extreme DVDs I made sure to move my body mostly every day. Whether it was a funky new Pinterest workout I found, or it was dancing around with the kids, or challenging my son to a push up challenge, I made sure to move. 
  • I also wrote down what I was eating and chose foods that didn't cause my IBS to flare up.
  • And I practiced patience. Patience with myself, my family, and other people around me who find a way to work themselves under my skin on most days. It felt great to not surrender to the stress of daily life.
Coming up to my second week on the 21 Day Fix Extreme, my goal is to not lose momentum no matter how tired or bored I become. And also, the big one, dial in my nutrition, as Autumn Calabrese says!

I think one of the only times I stuck to an actual workout plan was when I was on maternity leave the second time around. I was able to jump on board the fitness train earlier and by the time I had got back to work I was almost at my goal weight. I lasted a couple of months completing 30 day challenges.

So I'm excited to try again, this time with a short time frame (21 days) and also with a target date. Stay tuned, my journey continues!

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