Monday, June 15, 2015

#MotivationMonday: Starting a 21-Day Fitness Challenge

My Fitness Journal and Meal Planning Notebook: 21 DFX Day 1
I love starting new projects at the beginning of the month. And while I'm about two weeks late to my own challenge, I finally decided on my monthly challenge.

A few months ago I purchased the 21 Day Fix Extreme and while I've started the program a few times, I've never gotten past the first week - or past day 3 on the eating version of the plan. So this month (or what's left of it) I'm committing to 21 Day Fix Extreme...workouts and meal plan (fat burn plan, where you eat every 2 hours for a total of 6 mini meals).

Eeeeeek I'm nervous. Whille I can committ to relationships and a favourite pair of jeans (hello dark wash flares circa 2005) I find it so hard to stick to fitness and nutrition plans. Even remembering to take my Metamucil twice a day at the demand of my doctor is a struggle!

So anyway, I went grocery shopping this afternoon and this evening I cooked, steamed, chopped, baked and roasted most of my proteins and veggies and carbs to last me the week. I even made a few salads (on plan of course) to last me until Wednesday.

I'm excited at the prospect of getting fit and officially completing my first round of 21 Day Fix Extreme and finally reaching my goals this year.

What is your goal for the month of June? Don't forget to share in the comments below.

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